Arbitrage bot - F.A.Q.

What is it – arbitrage in trade?

Arbitrage or arbitrage transaction is often used in trade. These are several transactions aimed at making profit, due to the difference in rates. In simple words, I bought at low price, but I sold it at high.

Since there are many crypto-currency exchanges with the same currency pairs, and the rate can vary from 1 to 15 percent, it creates an excellent opportunity for earning.

Why does the browser or antivirus block downloading the bot?

Some browsers or add-ins block download of our bot because this program is little known to these browsers. You need to either allow downloading or download from another browser.

Also, some antivirus programs block launching the bot. Since the program has built-in HTTP server, for the work with requests for crypto-exchanges, anti-virus software can consider it as collecting and sending some of your data, by attackers. It is necessary either temporarily disable the antivirus, or allow to launch the bot, making an exception for it.

How to distribute the balance on the exchange? What pairs shall be traded?

The bot does not assume responsibility for distributing your balance, you must do it manually. Firstly, you need to determine what pairs of alcoins you want to trade.

For an example, choose the pairs ltc\btc and eth\btc. Having an account on bitfinex and exmo and for example 1 btc. We need to divide it, like this: to buy for 25% ltc and for another 25% eth, and leave the remaining 50% in btc. And to distribute all this evenly between 2 exchanges. This is the most effective distribution - since the arbitrage is possible in two directions. Of course, we should not limit ourselves in choosing currency pairs, on the contrary - the greater the variety of pairs, the more often the bot will make transactions.

Also, if you want to trade in usd, you need to pay attention to which exchanges you want to "arbitrate". Because on some exchanges, for example on WEX or Livecoin, the price is always higher than on others and assets in usd will constantly be suspended there, it is better to disable the possibility of trading in usd on these exchanges.

How to calculate income from each transaction?

Let’s consider information about the real transaction of goarbitrage bot. 

Trade pairltc-btc
At that moment 1.9900 ltc was 148.5434 $
Selling of 1.99 ltc at Hitbtc at the rate of 0.0101498
Purchase of 1.99 ltc at Livecoin at the rate of 0.0101001
Income including commissionwas ~ 0.728$