Arbitrage bot for cryptocurrencies

GoArbitrage is a unique trading platform that automatically trades on crypto-currency exchanges 24/7 using the arbitrage strategy.

GoArbitrage trade bot

How does it work ? Here is a small example !

We created a small program on web-sockets, which serves as an example of the work of our trading bot. The window provides 11 currency pairs and 6 crypto-currency exchanges. In turn, for each pair, there are parallel requests to the exchanges to analyze the prices in а trade blotter, the program is looking for an opportunity of income on arbitrage.

Pair Buy Sell Profit Time

Arbitrage bot features

Without risks

This strategy cannot work in arrears. All transactions are only positive.

Work 24/7
Run the bot from a computer or server, it will work 24/7.
Arbitrage smart bot
This software has a simple and convenient interface for users.
Developers constantly improve work of the software.

Support exchanges

GoArbitrage - bitfinex GoArbitrage - binance GoArbitrage - exmo GoArbitrage - hitbtc GoArbitrage - livecoin GoArbitrage - wex GoArbitrage - tidex

Download software


Windows operating system


Linux\Ubuntu operating system


Macintosh operating system



The key will come to the specified mail.
Price: 99$
Arbitrage software
This token is needed to run the bot. Without it the bot will not work. After your payment, you will receive a key at the mail that will be copied and pasted into the field `License Token` in the bot settings. Also, you cannot run several bots in parallel, indicating the same token.

Get started

Several simple steps to run the bot
  1. Download  for necessary OS.
  2. Buy license key.
  3. Open the software, set up the bot.
  4. ЗRun the bot and earn income.

Before starting, we advise to read the setup instructions or see the video manual. If you have any questions or proposals, please e-mail us.

Some details of the algorithm of work

The program does not transfer coins from the exchange to the exchange, as this is no longer true, when transferring the coins, exchange rate can change a lot. It also makes a simultaneous transaction on two exchanges for one pair, where on the first exchange the currency is sold, and on the second it is bought. Bot constantly monitors the exchange rates (in а trade blotter) and "waits" for a good time for arbitrage. All work of the bot can be monitored through the web interface.

Currency pairs, exchanges and configuration values can be set by yourself, for example, such as deviations, within which the bot will make the arbitrage transaction. Bot does not need any passwords, it works through API interface, you just need to specify API keys, preferably removing the right to withdraw funds for your own security.

There is also the possibility of logging transactions through a telegram bot. By creating a new token using @BotFather and specifying it in the configuration file, you will receive transaction notifications.